Portrait of The Queen

Portraits of Her Majesty The Queen can be requested by Hasluck residents and organisations using the table below.

National Flag

Under the Parliamentary Business Resources Act 2017, Members of Parliament can - subject to the limit of annual budget for office expenses and obligations to ensure expenditure provides value for money - purchase flags and documents related to nationhood, of kinds approved by the Special Minister of State, for presentation to constituents or organisations.

Due to budget restraints, Federal Member for Hasluck, Hon Ken Wyatt AM MP, has made the decision to provide flags to community, sporting and educational groups rather than directly to individuals

Ken Wyatt MP is able to provide Australian flags to a number of organisations in the electorate of Hasluck: 

  • Schools

  • Local Councils

  • Churches

  • Non-profit Community Organisations

  • Benevolent Community Organisations

  • Associations or Groups that have occasion to display the Australian Flag:

    • from a Flagpole

    • on Special Occasions

    • in Halls

    • in Meeting Rooms

  • Australian Exchange Students

  • Humanitarian Aid Workers undertaking official visits or duties overseas

Portrait or Flag Request Form

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