The Morrison Government recognises the unique challenges faced in delivering consistent, quality and culturally appropriate primary health care to remote First Australian communities.


The Morrison Government will provide $4.1 million over three years to update and enhance a suite of vital remote primary health care manuals.


The manuals are highly valued and widely used across central, northern and remote Australia.


They are an essential resource for remote clinical practitioners working in government and Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services.


The manuals to be updated are the:

·         Central Australian Rural Practitioners Association (CARPA) Standard Treatment Manual;

·         Minymaku Kutju Tjukurpa Women’s Business Manual;

·         Clinical Procedures Manual for Remote and Rural Practice; and

·         Medicines Book for Aboriginal Health Workers.

Updating the manuals will be a collaborative effort between the Centre for Remote Health at Flinders University, CARPA, CRANAplus and Central Australian Aboriginal Congress.


These organisations operate on the principle “by the user, for the user” and draw on an extensive network of expert practitioners to review and update the manuals.


Improving the health outcomes of First Australians no matter where they live is a priority of the Morrison Government.


Through the 2018–19 Budget we are investing $3.9 billion over four years on specific programs to improve the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.