The Morrison Government will provide funding of up to $350,000 to the Council on the Ageing (COTA) to ensure the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety hears the voice of senior Australians and their families.


Whether directly through submissions and testimony from senior Australians or through organisations that represent them, it is important people have their voice heard, their concerns listened to, and appropriate action taken.


The Royal Commissioners and their Counsel Assisting have highlighted the importance of the Commission hearing from people who have direct experience of aged care, whether it is good or bad.


The Morrison Government recognises the Royal Commission will place additional strain on the resources of aged care consumer peak bodies like COTA.


This additional funding will allow COTA to engage with the Royal Commission as effectively as possible on behalf of the people they represent.


Activities supported by the funding will include:


·         maintaining ongoing discussions with representative groups around the Royal Commission

·         distilling information about consumer experiences, views and interests into clearly defined issues for the Commission’s attention; and

·         working with consumers and advocates about how their submissions to the Royal Commission can be applied to policy options and proposals from the consumer perspective.


It’s important we hear the experiences of people to help shine more light on our aged care system.


What matters most is fixing and getting ahead of the problems.



The Morrison Government will continue to implement our aged care reforms while the Royal Commission goes about its important work.