Don’t believe Bill Shorten’s aged care funding fibs. Under the Coalition, aged care funding is up, home care packages are up and residential aged care places are up, to record levels.

It’s Labor who has no new ideas – as Julie Collins continues echoing her Leader’s funding lies.

The fact is you can’t trust a word Labor says on aged care – they’ve already been caught out twice for being “misleading” by the independent ABC RMIT Fact Check and The Conversation’s Fact Check, and now they are up to their Third Strike.

The ABC RMIT Fact Check again has found: “Mr Shorten’s claim is misleading… our analysis and conclusions have not changed.

“Spending on aged care has risen by more than $1 billion per year since 2014-15, and is projected to continue to increase by more than $1.1 billion per year from 2018-19 to 2021-22.”

With the new Budget’s $7 billion aged care boost, our Government is listening to older Australians, actioning new plans and growing home and residential care services.

This includes 10,000 home care packages, lifting total home care package announcements to 40,000 in the past 18 months.

There’s $5.8 billion to fund essential Commonwealth Home Support Program services including meals, home modifications, transport and nursing.

The Budget also backs the biggest residential care growth in Australia’s history – 13,500 new places and capital grants - worth $967 million.

Aged care safety and quality innovation is a Budget priority, with $38.4 million for a real-time risk management system in residential care, and $17.4 million to increase safety compliance and grow the professional aged care workforce.

It’s Labor who has no ideas, continuing to treat senior Australians and their families with contempt while repeating Bill Shorten’s funding fibs.

You can’t believe a word Labor says on aged care.

The RMIT states that ‘According to Fact Check's analysis, funding has consistently increased across a range of indicators: “In nominal dollar amounts; in real terms (after adjusting for inflation); as a proportion of total expenses; and as a dollar amount per aged-care resident per day.”

Fact check details on Labor’s aged care funding lies are available at: