Labor cannot be trusted on aged care and home care.


In government they never cared about home care enough to create a national equitable system for accessing aged care.


They were quite happy to have home care waiting times hidden from view, with everyone forced to register with individual providers and left hoping for a place.


Under Labor there were 60,000 home care packages.  This year there will be 124,000 packages and we are on track to have 157,000 in 2022-23. 


Since December 2017 the Morrison Government has announced an additional 40,000 packages at a total cost of $2.2 billion. 


If Labor’s outdated home aged care plan had remained there would be over 22,000 less home care packages available to senior Australians this coming year.


Unlike Labor, we understand that not everyone currently waiting for their approved home care package will necessarily enter home care.


Due to their health, many people have approvals for both home and residential aged care, and will choose to take up a residential place - at 31 December 2018 there were 96,000 people in the National Prioritisation System who had dual approvals.


And don’t believe a word of Labor’s funding lies, as Julie Collins continues repeating Bill Shorten’s aged care fibs.


The ABC RMIT Fact Check again has found: “Mr Shorten’s claim is misleading… our analysis and conclusions have not changed.


“Spending on aged care has risen by more than $1 billion per year since 2014-15, and is projected to continue to increase by more than $1.1 billion per year from 2018-19 to 2021-22.”


With the new Budget’s $7 billion aged care boost, the Morrison Government is listening to older Australians, actioning new plans and growing home and residential care services.


The Morrison Government has committed $5.8 billion to fund essential Commonwealth Home Support Program services including meals, home modifications, transport and nursing.


You can’t believe a word Labor says on aged care.


In Bill Shorten’s Budget reply, aged care and ageing barely got a mention.


Labor has no plans for senior Australians - other than to tax them.

To Fact Check details on Labor’s aged care funding lies, go to: