The Morrison Government has finalised new legislation that requires home care providers to publish their pricing information in a new standardised schedule on the My Aged Care website by 1 July 2019.


The new schedule will help senior Australians to understand and compare service offerings and prices across home care providers, and make informed decisions about which provider is best placed to deliver their care.


The greater transparency will also address the concerns raised about high administration prices being charged by some home care providers, which reduces the amount of taxpayer subsidised funds being spent on actual support.


The schedule has been developed following extensive consultation with senior Australians, home care providers, consumer representatives and peak bodies and will provide greater transparency on core services and costs in home care.


Home care providers can publish their pricing information within the schedule from April 2019, with compliance required by 1 July 2019.


The Morrison Government is providing guidance and advice on the new requirements and monitoring providers’ publication of home care pricing information.


Since 30 November 2018, it has been a legal requirement for all approved home care providers to publish their existing pricing information through the My Aged Care Service Finder.


As of 7 March, 22 per cent of home care providers had failed to publish their current pricing information on the My Aged Care Service Finder.


The Morrison Government has contacted each of these providers, requesting they immediately publish their current pricing information on the My Aged Care website.


If the Department identifies that an approved provider is not meeting its obligations under the Aged Care Act 1997 then it can take compliance action which may include the imposition of sanctions.


The objective of the department’s compliance program is for providers to voluntarily comply with their responsibilities and where non-compliance is identified, to return the provider to compliance as quickly as possible.