COMMUNIQUE - Kimberley Suicide Prevention Trial Working Group

The eighth meeting of the Kimberley Suicide Prevention Trial Working Group was held on 14 March in Broome.

The Working Group discussed the findings of WA Coroner’s Report into suicide deaths in the Kimberley and continued its consideration of resources and strategies to support activity as part of the suicide Prevention trial.


The meeting today was chaired by the Hon Ken Wyatt, Minister for Indigenous Health (Commonwealth) and attended by the Hon Roger Cook, Deputy Premier and Minister for Health (WA State Government), Senator the Hon Patrick Dodson (Commonwealth) and Member for the Kimberley, the Hon Josie Farrer MLC (WA State Government).   Apologies were received from the Hon Ben Wyatt, Minister for Indigenous Affairs (WA State Government).

The meeting was also attended by over 40 representatives from communities, organisations and government agencies.


Key messages from today’s discussion included:

·         A shared commitment to work together at all levels of government to develop place-based, and Aboriginal-led and designed responses.

·         A commitment to ongoing collaboration.

·         Acknowledgement of the good work achieved thus far – but noting more needs to be done.

·         The role of the community liaison officers on the ground across Kimberley communities was highlighted as an example of good progress - connecting services and projects with what people want.

·         The need to continue mapping services was agreed.

·         The need for holistic approaches was highlighted.

·         Community organisations are keen to work with the State and Commonwealth Governments on solutions that address the recommendations in relation to the report of the WA Coronial Inquest and all other referenced reports.