Labor’s contempt for senior Australians continues, with no commitment to aged care and no policies, as the Morrison Government works hard to clean up the aged care mess they left behind.


The latest Department of Health projections show that under Labor’s outdated home aged care plan, over 22,000 more senior Australians would be on the waiting list for home care this coming year.


This would include more than 20,000 missing out on Level 3 and Level 4 packages, if the Morrison Government’s home care reforms had not been enacted, to help rectify the Labor debacle.


The fact is, you can’t trust a word Labor says on aged care – they’ve already been called out as “misleading” by the independent ABC RMIT Fact Check, about their funding fibs.


The Conversation’s respected Fact Check also found: ‘spending on aged care has risen by more than A$1 billion per year since 2014-15, and is projected to continue to increase by more than A$1 billion per year from 2017-18 to 2021-22.’


Under the Morrison Government, aged care funding is up, residential care places are up and home care packages are up – to record levels.


You can’t believe a word Labor says on aged care – and they’re still saying nothing.

Fact check details on Labor’s aged care funding lies are available at: