In the week that Labor tried to stop senior Australians telling Parliament about the impact of its draconian tax policies, Julie Collins has again shown the contempt that she holds for senior Australians by trying to stop the Government telling them about changes to home care.


Not content with stopping senior Australians telling their story, Labor now wants to stop the government telling them about changes that are important to them. 


The letter Julie Collins objected to included details of Government policy changes that will affect their home care packages.


The letter told them about reduced home care fees, new pricing information and more home care packages, changes that will affect everyone receiving a home care package. The allocation of additional home care packages will also affect people who have an interim package and are waiting for a higher level package. 


I will not stop telling senior Australians about changes that matter to them and the reforms in aged care. Many prefer to receive information by letter and that is what I have done. I want them to know.


Instead of criticising the Government, Labor should think about taking more time to tell senior Australians about how its policies will affect them.


But I bet there’s one letter Julie Collins won’t be writing - and that’s a letter telling self-funded retirees about Labor’s imputation dividend policy and Labor’s reforms in aged care.