Labor’s Julie Collins has again misled the Australian public.


If she had bothered to listen to Senate Estimates, or if she had taken the time to read our media releases and those of the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission, she would have noticed that our Government has announced mandatory Quality Indictors for residential aged care which include an indicator on physical restraint, and which will be implemented by regulation.


Since 22 January 2019, the Commission has specifically targeted restraint during visits to services and has asked aged care providers about their restrictive practices. This includes providing evidence of informed consent, best-practice clinical governance, regular reviews by doctors and health professionals, and record keeping.


The Commission has also tasked its interim Chief Clinical Adviser to raise awareness of inappropriate use of physical or chemical restraint and to highlight a restraint case study in the Commission’s current Better Practice Series: Preparing for the new Standards.


Regulation of chemical restraint in residential aged care is also in train, and we are determined to get this right.


The Department of Health’s Chief Medical Officer is convening a special expert meeting on 26 February to discuss restraint regulation, which will be reported to me.


Ms Collins should know the difference between regulation and legislation. The implementation of new regulations is not constrained by Parliamentary sittings.


Australian Seniors deserve more than an Opposition Spokeswoman who cannot do her homework.


She has criticised me for writing to senior Australians to tell them about changes to aged care.


Not only doesn’t she want them to know about our policy reforms, it seems that she doesn’t want to know about our policy reforms herself.