The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety is the ultimate cleanup of the aged care mess left by Labor.

We have had to repair Labor’s legacy – they underfunded home care, botched residential care funding and ignored much of their own Productivity Commission report.

 Labor rattles on about a “crisis” but remember, Bill Shorten twice refused to back a Royal Commission in June last year.

In contrast, the Liberal National Government initiated the Royal Commission – but even today, Labor’s lies about aged care funding continue.

Labor has already been caught out twice on their funding fibs, with independent experts confirming constant, significant increases in aged care spending.

Two respected Fact Checks found Labor was “misleading” the Australian people and concluded that “spending on aged care has risen by more than $1 billion per year” and is projected to continue to rise by well over $1 billion a year.

The Morrison government has already boosted aged care funding by more than $5.5 billion over the next four years, including our landmark More Choices for a Longer Life measures.

As the Royal Commission continues, equally, our Government continues moving forward quickly with unprecedented investment and improvements, including the landmark new Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission to drive strong new Aged Care Quality Standards.

Workforce is also a top priority, with Australia’s first industry-led strategy to rapidly grow the professional aged care staff pool, including the new Aged Care Workforce Industry Council announced this week.

Labor can’t deny the facts: Under the Liberal National Government, aged care funding is up, residential care places are up and home care packages are up – to record levels.

You can’t believe a word Labor says on aged care.

Independent Fact Check details on Labor’s aged care funding lies are available at:

Media contact: Nick Way, Media Adviser 0419 835 449

 Authorised by Ken Wyatt AM, MP, Member for Hasluck.