Christmas Message for Organ and Tissue Donor Families - 2018

As the end of year approaches, I have been reflecting on the many things that we can be thankful for - none more so than the gift of life.


As we spend time with family and friends over the holiday season and celebrate by giving and receiving gifts, nothing resonates more to me than the ultimate gift that organ and tissue donors and their families have given.


I want to acknowledge every donor who has given this gift, providing the chance for people to live life to the full again.


I also want to thank donor families across this nation who have been selfless in supporting their loved one, by honouring a decision that they have made to share the gift of life with someone else.


Throughout the year I have been privileged to meet so many families who have given this gift.

Talking with donor families I have seen the profound impact organ donation can have during this immensely emotional and difficult time - and the comfort it brings some families in knowing their loved one has been able to save lives. 


A story which resonates with me was hearing a young boy read a poem he had a written about his dad being a donor.


He talked about the qualities of his dad, of how he hoped that the gift of life his father gave would manifest itself in the qualities that he saw in his father.


His dad loved the Wallabies, and always took him to sport on Saturdays, and he hoped the people who had received his dad’s organs did the same.


As we enter the 10th year of the national organ and tissue donation program, I look forward to meeting more families and hearing your stories.  


You all play a pivotal role in increasing organ and tissue donation by saying yes and sharing your experiences.


For this, so many Australians are eternally grateful.


I thank you and wish you a wonderful 2019.

Ken Wyatt AM, MP