Midvale Early Childhood & Parenting Centre

Midvale Early Childhood & Parenting Centre

It was my great privilege to be invited to visit the Midvale Early Childhood & Parenting Centre and share the morning with all of the staff, parents and of course all the children. I would also like to say thank you to the children for welcoming me to the centre with a welcome to country.

The Midvale Early Childhood & Parenting Centre staff continues to amaze me with their positive attitude towards making a difference in the lives of the children and their families. The centre is not just a pre-school; it’s also a second home for these families. The centre offers a haven for children to learn, play and develop critical social and motor skills through fun and explorative activities offered by the centre.

Another initiative by the centre is their welcoming lobby where each week they have a new activity set up for families to interact with; facilitating parent’s engagement with their children. The week I visited there was a ‘explore your senses’ activity with plenty scents, grains and textures to engage with.

The centre is also home to the upcoming ‘Urban Hearing pathways’ project which will facilitate ear health and hearing assessments for children aged -5 years; the upskilling of primary care providers to perform such assessment; and finally to promote community engagement and health awareness.

This short term project, by Hearing Australia will explore the possible enhancements to improve access to hearing and ear health services of 0-5 year’s old Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children across three urban locations – the Midvale Early Childhood & Parenting Centre being one of them.

Thank you to the Midvale Early Childhood & Parenting Centre for inviting me to share stories and see the service you provide to our community in Hasluck.