The lengths Bill Shorten’s candidate for Hasluck will go to in deceiving and discrediting the efforts of local people are unbelievable – and he is being joined by Opposition health spokesperson Catherine King in this blatant deception.

Labor’s candidate is currently circulating a flyer with a picture claiming to show him and Ms King as they “announce” a full licence for the MRI machine at Midland Hospital.

The facts are that last year, I assisted almost 3,000 residents to petition Health Minister Greg Hunt for provision of a full Medicare-funded licence for Midland’s MRI, to save local patients significant time and money.

Their pleas were heard, and the full licence was announced in September and began operating on 1 November – more than five months before circulation of this Labor lie.

This was a phenomenal achievement for the people of Midland and surrounding communities.

Yet Bill Shorten’s Hasluck candidate and Catherine King are now trying to deceive people as to who was responsible and are trying to take credit for what was a win by residents, courtesy of Ken Wyatt and the Morrison Government listening to local needs.

Labor is also spruiking “$3.6 million for a Mental Health Emergency Centre at Midland Hospital” – and they’re late again on this one, too.

Our Government has already committed $6 million to the mental health emergency centre, announcing this almost a fortnight ago – and it’s not an election promise, it’s fully funded.

Bill Shorten’s candidate for Hasluck also continues to echo his leader’s hospital funding lies, when annual Federal investment in West Australian hospitals has risen every year, increasing by over 80 per cent under our Government.

With untruths like these, Labor cannot be trusted - and Hasluck residents have every right to question every word Bill Shorten’s local candidate utters from now on.