Federal Member for Hasluck, Ken Wyatt MP, has said today that the Labor Party’s campaign to stir division in the community would fail because of the Government’s positive record.

In response to criticism that not enough has been done for aged care in his home electorate of Hasluck, Mr Wyatt today said that significant advances across a number of policies had benefited Hasluck over the course of the Government’s term in office.

“Every election, there is a particular group that believes they will be able to persuade voters that I have done nothing for my electorate in aged care,”

“I think they believe that because I am the Minister for Aged Care, that this particular issue will ‘wedge’ me because if aged care funding is high across my electorate, they will accuse me of nepotism, and if it is low they will seek to say I do not care about my community,”

“I can assure Hasluck that a strong level of support has been provided to my local community based on their needs,” Mr Wyatt said.

As at 30 June 2018, the Federal Electorate of Hasluck had:

  • 13 operational Residential Care services with a total of 748 operational Residential Care places

  •  11 operational Home Care services

  • 2 operational Short Term Restorative Care services with a total of 26 operational Short Term Restorative Care places

During 2017-18, the Liberal National Government expended as follows in the Federal Electorate of Hasluck:

  • $46.3m in Commonwealth funding for Residential Care places

  • $13m in Commonwealth funding for Home Care

  • $0.6m in Commonwealth funding for Short Term Restorative Care

  • $1.6m in Commonwealth funding on the Commonwealth Home Support Programme

  • $61.5m total on aged care services and places

Aged Care Planning Region, Electorate and CALD Information

The Federal Electorate of Hasluck in Western Australia falls across the Aged Care Planning Regions of Metropolitan South East and Metropolitan East Aged Care Planning Regions

The Federal Electorate of Hasluck has 15.2 per cent of its local population aged over 65 compared with 16 per cent nationally.  17.8 per cent identify as being from culturally linguistically diverse backgrounds and 0.7 per cent identify as being from an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background.

ACT Kalamunda began in 2011 and evolved from a group of people in the area who had problems finding suitable residential aged care places for elderly relatives and friends within easy visiting distance of central Kalamunda, particularly in the Hills environment.

The lack of places meant that elderly people needing high care were displaced from their preferred living environment, spouses, friends and social networks due to the need to move to Fremantle, Joondalup, Mosman Park and other areas remote from their home.  This resulted in spouses, also elderly and often unable to drive, having to endure trips of one hour of more each way, often on a daily basis, to visit their loved ones.

ACT Kalamunda raises the following issues with regard to the provision of residential aged care facilities in the Perth Hills:

1.           Need for sites on top of the Hills, in the region of Kalamunda townsite

2.           Addressing bushfire risk and the attitude of the current Minister for Planning to this

3.           Incentives for developers to build in the Hills area

Commonwealth Home Support Programme Growth Funding in Hasluck:

  • The Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) is funded and delivered by  Aged Care Planning Regions (ACPRs). The Electorate of Hasluck sits across (not completely within) the ACPRs of Metropolitan East and Metropolitan South East.

  • A total of 34 CHSP providers in these ACPRs will receive approximately $1.67 million in the growth funding in 2018-19.

  • The growth funding will be used in the CHSP service types of Home Maintenance, Home Modifications, Meals, Transport and Domestic Assistance.

Commonwealth Home Support Home Modifications:

  • Funding of $15 million over fifteen months ($ 5million in 2018-19 and $10 million in 2019-20) will be offered to existing CHSP Home Modifications providers across Australia, expected to be paid in April 2019. 

  •   Providers delivering these services, including those operating in the electorate of Hasluck, will be contacted directly and offered funding in line with their current funding levels.

The funding will allow providers to make changes to a client’s home to increase or maintain a person’s functional independence so that they can continue to live and move safely about the house. This includes installing supports such as hand rails and simple bathroom modifications.