Ken Wyatt continues campaign for MRI licence

Ken Wyatt continues campaign for MRI licence

Federal Member for Hasluck, Ken Wyatt MP, has continued to strongly lobby the Minster for Health to deliver a new MRI licence for the Midland Perth Radiological Clinic, in this term of Parliament.


“I have been in extensive discussions with the Minister for Health to obtain a full licence for the Midland MRI machine. This will mean scans are fully covered under Medicare.


“I continue to advocate strongly for my community given our area is one of critical need. My aim is to get an MRI licence delivered before the election.”


“Ensuring we all have access to affordable and quality health care, regardless of where we live, is incredibly important to me”, said Mr Wyatt.


Currently, patients access private MRI services or have to travel to units located in Perth, Kelmscott to the south east and Joondalup Health Campus to the north. 


This often means people have to travel longer distances and wait for long periods of time before they can access the service. 


“My Hasluck community is entitled to have access to the same MRI services that the rest of the metropolitan area enjoys”.


“I will always fight for the residents of Hasluck to have the services they need and want”.


The Coalition Government will soon provide a full response to the Parliamentary Inquiry into the availability and accessibility of diagnostic imaging equipment around Australia.


In the last Budget the Coalition Government announced an additional $2 billion investment in diagnostic imaging over the next decade, which Labor have not matched.


By contrast, Labor has only committed $80 million and not made any commitment to the re-indexation of diagnostic imaging rebates.


Only last month the Coalition Government boosted Medicare support for a new MRI scan for prostate cancer checks helping 26,000 men each year, as well as a new Medicare listing for 3D breast cancer checks, helping around 240,000 women each year.


Medicare spending is guaranteed and increasing every year from $24 billion in 2017-18 to $28.8 billion in 2021-22 to support healthcare for every Australian.