CFMMEU – Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap

CFMMEU – Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap

I was disappointed and concerned to see the CFMMEU up to their same old tricks, fear-mongering again, in their flyer about the Banking Royal Commission circulated recently in Hasluck.

The courts have fined the CFMMEU and its officials over $15 million for breaching industrial laws. There are currently around 80 representatives of the CFMMEU before the courts.  One judge recently called them the ‘most recidivist corporate offender in Australian History’.

At a time when union membership is at record lows – with less than 9 per cent of the private sector members of a union, Labor and Bill Shorten have now publically committed to supporting their union mates at the expense of all other Australians.

Royal Commissions can only be established by the Executive Government and are put in to existence by the signing of Letters Patent by the Governor-General.  Parliament has no ability to establish a Royal Commission.

The votes in Parliament mentioned in the CFMMEU flyer related to either non-binding motions or were for the establishment of a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry – which has different powers from a Royal Commission.  I did not support those for a number of reasons, including that they were political stunts with no impact whatsoever, and had poorly drafted terms of reference.  It was a political stunt for the Labor Party rather than any desire to seriously address the issues at stake.

In contrast, the Government’s “take action now” approach has resulted in a legislated Banking Executive Accountability Regime to ensure senior bank executives take responsibility for misconduct that occurs under their watch, increased funding to ASIC for enforcement and investigation of misconduct and reforms to deliver greater competition and choice for consumers in financial services.

I will continue to deliver for the people of Hasluck and ensure you are well represented. Meanwhile Bill Shorten and Labor are beholden to their militant union mates in the CFMMEU for power and money.

 Ken Wyatt MP

Federal Member for Hasluck