A local Bellevue sporting and education charity is one of the first in Australia to benefit from a new national giving system to help First Nations organisations.

The unique GIVIT charity is extending its outstanding online gifting platform to allow all Australians to contribute directly to better health, well-being and opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

“GIVIT’s National Indigenous Support Program will focus on improving the environmental, economic and social factors impacting on health, thanks to a $640,000 grant over two years from our Government,” said Member for Hasluck and Indigenous Health Minister Ken Wyatt.

“This exciting new program makes it easy for everyday Australians to help First Australians help themselves.”

It aims to replicate GIVIT’s record of charity success, which currently includes a wide variety of free support, ranging from Christmas gifts for hospital patients to help for drought and Queensland fire victims.

Non-profit GIVIT works by connecting those who have with those who need, in a structured, safe and private way.

“Under the new program, trusted organisations helping First Nations people and registered with GIVIT can request goods and services required by their clients. Funds can also be donated through GIVIT, to help organisations purchase requested items,” said Mr Wyatt.

“The requests are listed on the GIVIT website, where people can donate in response. Donors can also list their offers of donated items in GIVIT’s virtual warehouse.”

The funding will support GIVIT to employ two Indigenous Support Officers, one based on the east coast and one on the west coast, who will work with not-for-profit services to train and encourage them to use the GIVIT system.

In Bellevue, the Binar Sports organisation is already benefiting from GIVIT, securing donated iPads, a printer and stationery to help establish a student-friendly homework space for local children at its Perth base.

“Some of them are doing so well and we want to give them every chance of succeeding,” said Binar’s Adam Desmond.

“We know that if some of our students do make it to the elite level, then education is such an important aspect of that and the iPads, the desks and other materials are so important.”

 GIVIT currently supports more than 2200 services across Australia and has matched 850,000 donations with recipients since it was established in 2009. 

 “Now we can reach out into Indigenous networks such as Binar,” said GIVIT founder Juliette Wright.

 “It is wonderful for everyday Australians and corporate organisations to be able to give and share with our First Nations communities.”

The new program’s range of expected donations is almost limitless, from building materials to improve local housing, schools and health centres, to sporting equipment, medical and educational supplies and white goods.

“Our Government’s investment will be delivered as part of our commitment to Closing the Gap in health equality and improving the lives of First Nations people, through the Indigenous Australians Health Programme,” said Mr Wyatt.

“The new program will play a significant role in helping tackle the broader social determinants of health which account for more than one-third of the health equality gap for First Australians.”

For more information on GIVIT see http://www.givit.org.au/