Any and all reports that I am considering quitting politics or switching my longstanding political allegiances are nothing more than fake news.

Under no circumstances would I contemplate leaving the Liberal Party, an organisation I have long supported, that I have been proud to be part of and to which I am strongly committed.

Suggestions that I have been in negotiations with senior Opposition figures are fanciful.

Equally, assertions that the results of an independent inquiry into conflict claims in my Canberra office could result in me considering my future are false news.

I have always believed that Members of Parliament, once elected, should serve their full term and never make the decision to step out of a privilege that has been granted them by local people. 

I have indicated previously that I will be standing again for the seat of Hasluck and I am committed to continue to serve the people of our electorate. 

It is disappointing that mischief makers are trying to shake my resolve by making false claims.

Some individuals or groups appear to have seen fit to play a game that has neither integrity nor is a reflection of the truth.

This is especially sad, given that I pride myself in being open and honest with people within our electorate and across the nation.

You will have the opportunity to judge me at the next Federal election but my commitment is to you and that will not alter.

As a local Member I work hard to deliver on the things that our communities are passionate about. Equally, my obligations to senior Australians, the Aged Care sector and our First Australians are deeply ingrained.

I invite anyone who has concerns and wishes to discuss them with me, to get in touch.

I can assure you I will continue to focus on my local and Parliamentary roles and I look forward to working together to make our communities even stronger.

Media contacts:        Kelly Saul (08) 9359 0322, Nick Way 0419 835 449