Ken Wyatt, as your representative in Canberra for four consecutive terms, has achieved a lot for the people Hasluck. These are just some of the wins Ken has racked up for families and businesses as part of his vision to build a stronger local community.

A Message From Ken…

The Liberal Government will this year deliver the first Budget surplus since John Howard was Prime Minister.

WA also now has more certainty – and $4.7 billion extra funding over the next 8 years – because we have fixed the GST formula.

A stronger economy means more jobs and opportunities. It means better services and infrastructure for our local community.

Better services mean a continuation of our support for Medicare and the listing of life-saving medicines on the PBS.

We have been trusted with a historic opportunity to once again lead the nation, and we shall do so through service.

With your support, I will keep working to build Hasluck into a stronger local community.

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Ken Wyatt MP

Your Federal Member for Hasluck




$20 million for lloyd street bridge

We are delivering $20 million to build the Lloyd Street Bridge over the Helena River to better connect Midland and surrounding suburbs to the Hospital and airport.

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full Mri licence for the midland hospital

A full MRI licence will enable Perth Radiological Clinic at the Midland Hospital to bulk bill lifesaving scans for cancer, stroke, heart and other medical conditions.

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serious action on climate change

The Climate Solutions Fund will ensure the ERF delivers a further 103 million tonnes in emission reductions to 2030 so that we meeting our 26% emissions reduction target.



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